Your Perfect Summer Base

matte skin base Oily skin girls…I feel your pain in the summer season. The second the sun hits my face I immediately feel my makeup being to melt off. I don’t have skin problems, just your average zit and some scarring here and there. I don’t feel the need to have them fully covered though. I like a full coverage foundation, but I also like my skin to look like skin at the end of my beauty routine. I have oily-combo skin that has no problem leaning more toward the oilier side in the heat. I like to start with a clean, matte canvas. I love the Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Wash! I use it in the shower, in the mornings before applying any product, and sometimes at night if I’ve had a long day. This stuff chills your face so nicely, and leaves you with a matte base–not super matte to the point where skin feels overly tightened either. It also has salytic acid in the formula, to help fight acne and sebum build up. Lately I’ve been a big fan of Hylamide! I’m not sure how new the brand actually is, but I was reading a UK beauty magazine and saw them include this in a beauty piece. It said something about matte skin and I immediately fled to Google. The HA Blur Serum is a perfect primer. It’s thick, but feels so light. And a little goes a long was. I usually let this set into my skin for a minute before going in with some Smashbox Primer Water to feel more refreshed. I put this on the back burner for so long, but I love the combo of the two for everyday make up. Now it’s time to even out my complexion! I bought the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer when it first came out a year ago or so. But I quickly gave up on it because I felt it had no lasting power. However, I always come back…I’m a sucker for second chances. This is by far my favorite foundation for the summer! It’s light and covers up almost everything. I usually do a bit of color correcting and skip concealer when it’s hot out. If you plan on using the HA Pore Delete Finisher, then apply it BEFORE any powders. A tiny amount goes a really long way. I pat it into my T-zone and then use my Tarte Smooth Operator looser powder to finish off everything. If you go too heavy on all the matte, matte, matte then splash some more Primer Water. To Shop: