Women Who Work: Photographer, Lindsay Vaughn

lindsay-26Lindsay Vaughn is currently studying Commercial Photography and Business at Appalachian State University. She has enjoyed photography ever since she was very little. Lindsay loves taking photographs of people and of nature because it allows her to use her creativity to express emotions through a photo. In addition to Portrait Photography, Lindsay enjoys Sports and Concert Photography. Right now Lindsay is running her business Inspiration Photography by Linds and is working with The Appalachian Newspaper as a Photojournalist. What made you want to start your business? I have enjoyed photography since I was a little kid so I decided that I would like to share my creative thoughts with other people. What or who inspired you to do so? Me wanting to share my talents with multiple people caused me to pursue my photographic interest in the business world. How do you explain what you do to others? I go day by day taking photos of things that I enjoy. How long have you been doing this? I’ve been doing this for a year and a half. What is your daily routine? First, I get up, eat breakfast and go to my classes. After I finish my classes, I eat lunch, check my emails, call clients and see what else I have to do for the day. Thirdly, I complete my homework for college and eat dinner. Lastly, I use the end of the day to edit photos and update my website. How did you go about starting your business? I started advertising on social media and told my friends about my business. What are your biggest responsibilities as an entrepreneur?  To make my clients happy! What has been the hardest part of your transition? Marketing my services. What has been the easiest part of your transition? My passion for photography. What do you think is the most important characteristic to have for someone who wants to take a similar career route to yours? A great attitude. What do you wish you knew before starting out on your own path?  How to set your target audience. What is your favorite thing about the industry you work in? I enjoy being able to work with all different types of personalities.   What do you have on your desk or working space right now? My Laptop, external hard drive, phone, and camera. What do you want other women in similar situations to know about your chosen career path? I want other women to not let the hard part of starting a business get to them. I want women to push through the hard times because it will become easier eventually.

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