Women Who Work: Life and Success Coach, Lo Wentworth

Lo Wentworth did exactly what she was supposed to do. She checked off all of the boxes only to realize that she wasn’t happy even with her own success. Now she mentors and coaches women in order to prevent them from making her same mistakes and help them find their true calling.

How did you make the leap to your current role?

What made me take the leap to create my own coaching business is because my current career choice to be a lawyer was sucking the life out of me. I wasn’t happy and I was afraid to live my life out of fear of making the “wrong” choice. The turning point for me was right before finals my second to last semester (right before Christmas) in law school I was assigned an emergency guardianship and temporary restraining order (TRO) against the parents in the case. There was a lot of stress because of the situation in the case and the time constraint.

Within 72 hours of being assigned the case, meeting with my client, and filling the necessary court documents I was granted both the TRO against the parents and temporary guardianship. Which is unheard of because it is a constitutional right to have children and care for them. When I was telling my mom this story I become painfully aware she was more excited about this achieve than I was because I wasn’t happy and didn’t feel fulfilled or like I did make a difference is someone’s life.

So started the downward spiral of what do I want to do with my life, dealing with a mountain of law school debt, but still just going through the motions that everyone else was doing. Applying for attorney positions, taking the bar exam and pursuing a career I knew was not for me. Until it all fell apart and I had the courage to tell the people most important to me I didn’t want to be a lawyer and was going to start my own business as a life and success coach to millennial women like me who are going through what I went through.

Because there is a need for women to show other women it is okay to be fearless in the pursuit of your happiness whatever it means to you and that your wants/needs are important and worth of coming true. I have noticed there is a lot of guilty with young women because they fear they are making the wrong choice, don’t have an idea of what they want in life, and they keep checking off the boxes to their happiness they were told too.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor because anatomy and forensic sciences interested me. I wanted to learn how the body worked and thought it was the way I was going to help people. Or I wanted to be a WNBA player because I loved basketball. It was my outlet from the stressors of life and it was fun. This is far from what I am doing now, but the point being I have always dared to dream big for my life instead of accepting what I was told I should dream to be or allowing their own fears hold me back from going for it, whatever it is for me. Playing small just instead in my DNA.

What was your first job ever? Did it help you in your current role?

My first job ever was working weekends at the local historical society greeting visitors, maintain artifacts and exhibits, giving some tours if asked, helped categories old photos they had and create marketing signs for events they were hosting. It helped me in my current position and past experiences by building the skill to communicate with all walks of life whether they are younger than me or in their 90s. Additionally, when it comes to marketing, I developed an eye for clean, to the point marketing material that was easy to read and anyone would be able to understand at any age/reading level.

What made you want to start your business? What or who inspired you to do so?

Have always knowing my life is much bigger than myself and desired to change people’s lives for the better. I just didn’t know how I was going to do until I discovered life coaching over a year ago. People have been coming to me for guidance and mentorship all my life and for many reasons and from many different stages in life including being older than me.

When I discovered coaching I was at the lost point in my life I have ever been. I was in my final semester in law school and finally got real with myself that becoming an attorney was soul-sucking and not what I am meant to do with my life. It is the way I am to create the change in millions of people’s lives. But I still was going through the motions of my life, not have the courage to tell the world I didn’t want to be a lawyer. So I continued applying for associate attorneys positions, took the bar, and stay in the relationship with my ex-boyfriend even though I knew it our relationship with each other had run its course. But I didn’t have the courage and fear I was making the wrong life choice by wanting to go against the grain of what society told me I should do to achieve success in life and make a lot of money. But after I took the bar the Universe decided to rip the rug right out from under me but forcing to face my fears and truth. I didn’t pass the bar, broke up with my boyfriend and decided to get real with myself and honest with my family about creating my own coaching business and not pursuing the attorney route.

Since starting my coaching business/side hustle I see so many powerful, ambitious women playing small because they are confused on what they want, feel like they are going to make the wrong choice (aka go after what they want), wanting to get off the hamster wheel of hustle but getting nowhere in life, and be fearless in the pursuit of their happiness instead chasing the happiness of others had told them would make them happy.

People who inspired me was my past self who wished she had the support I provide to women a couple of years ago, Gabby Bernstein, Lewis Howes, Emily Williams (IHeartMyLife), women who started their own business, and the millions of women out there who are just going through the motions of life not living it how they want to and watching their life flash before them because they are afraid of going outside the norm.

What does your job entail? How do you explain what you do to others?

My job entails private coaching sessions with clients to help them work through limiting beliefs that are holding them back in life. I provide guidance, action plans and no bs advice for women wanting to own their life on their terms.  I create FB videos, writing as much as possible, and I will be entering the podcast and the public speaking world very soon. Additionally, I create content and programs for my clients to do the work need to overcome their fears and figure out want they want from their life. Along with suggesting other resources that will aid them in their process.

How long have you been doing this?

Officially, since January. Unofficially, for 5 years.

What is a day for you like? What is your routine?

My changes day to day depending on the projects I am working on and if I client session. Generally, I meditate right away in the morning then walk my corgis. Followed by reading or writing with coffee in hand before I shower and get ready for my day. Then I had off to by day job and have a client coaching session during my lunch hour. In the afternoon I meditate, leave my day job. Either go to yoga or go straight home to walk my corgis before I write my newsletters or record my videos. If I am not producing content then I have 2-3 client session before calling it quits for the evening which I am usually watching one of my favorite shows or reading all while cuddling with my dogs.

How do you end your workday?

I end my work day with either my favorite yogi tea or wine and schedule what I will need to complete tomorrow. After that, I cuddle with my corgis either reading/journaling or catching on some of my favorite TV shows (Scandal, GOT, Younger, Supernatural, Friends and Starting Girls) or one of the last movies I didn’t get to catch in theaters.

How did you go about starting your business? What were some of your initial steps that you took?

I hired a life and business coach to help me develop my niche and brand voice, figure out my ‘why’ for coaching and how I was going to serve my clients basically what services and products I will offer, and finally to show me the business side of the coaching business. Because I had no idea where or how to start a business as to the structures I needed in places and where to find my clients.

Then I created my website, FB business page, Instagram page and now am working on my podcast and blog.

What are your biggest responsibilities as an entrepreneur?

You are responsible for making it happen. Meaning you can’t rely on anyone to give you the paycheck for working 60 plus hours a week or hope the Universe will drop your clients in your lap because you decided to start your business. You have to be shameless in promoting yourself and your services. But you have to be unattached to the outcome meaning don’t come off as a used car salesmen, but bring value to each person you network with or come in contact with. Adding value to people’s lives will come back to you tenfold, you will build a trusting relationship with them which means you will have lead/refers from them and even have them as clients. You have to be willing to commit to the long haul of your business, not just the short-term otherwise you won’t last in your business.

This means you have to be will do whatever it takes including keeping your day job or a part job to support you as you build your business. Finally, through all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship remain connect your WHY for starting your business (make sure it’s a strong 'why’ that is bigger than yourself), trust the process, and have fun through all of it because if you’re not having fun then you’re not living and don’t truly want to have your own business then.

What has been the hardest part of your transition?

Balance relationship with family and friends as well as taking care of yourself and needs. Sometimes it hard for me to give myself permission to take a night off to recharge because I feel like I just need to keep hustling until I have reach where I want to be in my business instead of taking time to enjoy the process and not get burned out.

As an introvert, getting over my fears of rejection and being visible in the world. It has been hard for me because of past experiences of being rejected and judged for going against mainstream and still doing what I wanted. Seeking other approval and validation was major co-dependency I had to get over. Until I finally decided my desire create the life and achieve my dreams was worth the risk than not going after them at all.

What has been the easiest part of your transition?

Having a purpose and goal I can strive to reach because I am an overachiever and type A. That comes from being an athlete and desire to try new experiences that push me out of my comfort zone. And knowing that what I am creating is how I am meant to change tens of millions of people’s lives a crossed the world. So to boil it down having a vision and purpose for my life instead of just going through the motions and feeling like my life was over before it started.

What keeps you motivated?

My passion to create changing in the world and knowing that someone other their needs to hear my story and be their role model to go after their own dreams and know there is another way of living than what they were born into. Just like my mentors and celebs in my field I follow decided to step up into the spotlight.

And knowing what I am creating in the world is something that is mine and I can give back in my own way knowing I will create positive change in the world and actually took action instead of sitting on the sidelines of my life. Plus, I am no longer available to pay the high price settling for less or playing small has cost me in my life. If I didn’t have my passion, vision, and purpose I probably won’t be alive today or even being interviewed by you.

How do you define success now?

My definition of success is: changing one person’s life for the better whether it is a coaching session, newsletter post, FB/Instagram post or even a smiling at a stranger on the street.Finally, doing one thing a day that fills my soul and aids in my happiness like writing, reading, going to yoga or hanging out with close family and friends.

Finally, doing one thing a day that fills my soul and aids in my happiness like writing, reading, going to yoga or hanging out with close family and friends.

How do you prevent burnout?

Giving myself permission to take a timeout for a day or an hour just to recharge and give my inspiration breathing room. Otherwise, I feel like I am forcing it, lack focus and fear start to creep in. Taking time for me and doing what makes me feel amazing to raise my vibe on a daily and weekly basis helps me prevent burnout. Meditation is played a key role in preventing burnout, especially in the afternoons. Other ways are through my yoga practice and creating art in some form like painting, free writing, or drawing.

What do you think is the most important characteristic to have for someone who wants to take a similar career route to yours?

Persistence and having a vision of your life bigger than yourself. There are going to be times where you feel like you want to give up. When you hit these times remind yourself of why you started in the first place and your vision.

Finally, keep persisting. If something is not working that how do tweak so it does or what other creative ways you can create new contacts, promote your business and bring value to people’s lives. Persistence is about having the willingness to change when something is not working, figure out creative ways to overcome challenges, trusting in the process, and getting help when you need it.

What do you wish you knew before starting out on your own path?

Starting your own business will challenge you beyond measure, but yet so rewarding because you discover how much you are capable of. It is very rewarding, but owning your own business is a marathon, not a spirit. You have to have the white-hot heat to reach your goals no matter what and otherwise, you will face burnout and potentially stop running your business altogether.

Did anyone help you in developing your own business or side business?

Yes, I hired my own life and business coach to show me the ropes on how to develop my business, how network marketing works, and to overcome my own self-doubts and limiting beliefs.

Do you have a work idol? Is there a working woman or man out there that you admire?

My work idols are Gabby Bernstein, Dannielle LaPorte, Lewis Howes, and Marie Forelo. All of these people are have bits of their career I am creating for myself—from creating blogs, books, coaching, podcasts, and videos to help inspire others to take action to become fearless in their lives. But one thing they all have in common is that they are real, honest about their lives and what challenges they are going through, They don’t try to portray their life is perfect 100% of the time.  My dream life is to write books, speak around the worlds, create amazing on life programs, and meet amazing people along the way. I am working my way to be like all of them but in my own way.

What is your favorite thing about the industry you work in?

Providing a space for people to open up and heal themselves and guide them through the process. It inspires me to have a major impact on someone’s life in this way. To help overcome their limiting beliefs, challenges, and start owning it in their life. Becoming fearless and going after their dreams, big, small or in between.

What are some tools that you can’t live without?

Google Calendar – Free – It is my life because it keeps me on schedule and helps me meet deadlines. It is my lifesaver. If it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t get done. Plus, it is great to help you stay the people who matter most to you, especially if you don’t see them on a regular basis and you both have very full schedules.

Latergram – It is a wonderful tool, both free or paid version. It’s like my daily reminder for posting and taking time to engage with people on social media otherwise, I would be writing, reading and drafting scripts for my videos and speaking engagements.

Spirit Junkie app – (paid) Because it is a daily inspiration to keep going to think about life differently that day. To start on the right foot instead of the going down the bad day spiral. It great tool for anyone who loves quotes and to discover different ways of thinking in the world. Which I love because I love to always challenge myself to grow and teach others what I have learned to other who it could help and change their life for the better.

What do you have on your desk or working space right now?

I have a large blue Peru butterfly, large desk calendar, my ring light, books I am currently reading, notebooks and stick notes and a clay bowl I created in high school with the quote “Beauty is grace and confidence.”

What do you want other women in similar situations to know about your chosen career path?

It is the most rewarding work I do and I feel like I am making an impact. But you have to be willing to temporarily go dark—meaning not always going out with friends or taking trips every chance you get. Everything in life is temporary, just know if you have the desire to do it take the risk now each baby step is worth it in the end.

Do now what your future self-wished you did. How much longer can your life wait?

Any last thoughts?

I have two corgis – Marvel and Seamus. I love superhero movies. Yoga is my happy place and I teach it weekly. Meditation helps keep me focused and on my game.

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Wendy Vazquez