Why NOW is the Time to Pitch for Gift Guides AND What to Do Now

Yay it’s gift guide season! No, I’m not crazy, and yes I understand it’s 90+ degrees outside. What many new business owners and brands don’t know is that you’re favorite magazine gift guides are being edited for product inclusions RIGHT NOW! It’s no joke that your favorite top tier glossies work at least 3 months in advanced. That’s something to definitely keep in mind when you’re trying to market your products. Everyone seems to have a gift guide now–digital, online and print publications. However, it seems everyone is sending in their items for consideration to outlets for inclusion. There’s never any inclusion guarantee, so before to say bye to some samples. But while editors and writers are sifting through items, there’s some things you should definitely be doing now to make sure you’re being talking about in October, November, and December–when gifting is on the mind!
  • Think about your top-selling, or strongest product. How is this relevant for the holidays? Is it good for moms? Will kids love it? Forget general holiday pitches and craft a pitch geared toward an exact niche or need. General holiday pitches are most likely to go unanswered.
  • Think about gift guide pitches based on price points: gifts under $50, stocking stuffers under $25.
  • Gifts of giving? Yes! Items that benefit a cause are perfect for gift guides considering this is a charitable season.
  • Don’t focus on just one star item. If you plot to get the interest of an editor, then take advantage of their attention. Pitch multiple items at once. 3 to 5 items is a good amount to focus on.
  • Have all of your press materials ready in advance for editors: one-sheets, line sheets, hi-res images, links, product descriptions, etc.

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Featured image via Whitney Blake.