Why Are More PR Blogs and Resources Folding?

If you try and look up PR blogs, advice, or news, I’d be shocked if you could build up a list of 20 relevant websites and blogs. Specifically, on topics in PR like media relations and strategy.

Many incredible resources have fallen, like NYCPRGirls, PR Blonde (which is now a lifestyle blog instead), PRTraction and their incredible FB group (Pitch Yourself). These go-to PR resources were all fabulous, but little by little faded out. What do we have left? There’s always big sites like Media Bistro, PR Daily and PR News, but they are more general. What about us lifestyle PR folks? Thankfully, we still have PR Couture, SpinSucks, and PR In Your Pajamas on our side.

Recipe for Press is another great one, however, they update sporadically. And no offense, but when they do update it’s with a 10-second PR tip. What about diving into the real ins and out of PR? Most sites focus on giving PR experts the upper hand and re-educating us on the ever-changing landscape of the PR industry. Which, hello, duh, this totally benefits me. I’ve only been out of school a few years, but I’ve learned a lot more about PR while on the job. and things have changed rapidly thanks to the growth of social media, influencers, AI, and so on.

The future of PR is strong, but only if we learn to evolve with technology, which is moving faster than ever. Just like the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries change and adapt, so does PR. But I do think that we could make more of an effort to educate our clients and customers. Maybe this way they will be more willing to spend on PR.

Despite all the info we’ve tried to put out there, many business owners still don’t know exactly what a PR agency does. We are more than media relations–especially now! PR firms and freelancers have adapted to the changing industry. We not only involve ourselves in media relations, but also have become experts in social media management, event planning, business partnerships, and so on. What we can do for your business is much more than get you into a magazine.

All of the above blogs and websites were incredible narratives, especially when I was very new in the PR industry and needed tons of guidance. But if they keep folding, where will beginners turn? Budding PR pros have a lot to learn outside of a class room. Experience is everything.

A major reason pros have given up their hand holding blogs is because it wasn’t producing enough money. Unlike a regular blog, PR blogs can’t necessarily make up money with sponsored posts and ads. If you are creating a PR blog, you don’t necessarily put a focus on selling. We teach to sell. So making money is put on the back burner. We are forced to take the time to develop our own products to make ends meet, like media lists, e-books, hand guides, proven insider pitch letters. That is hard work, especially when we are t

That is hard work, especially when we are trying to manage the daily tasks and needs of our own clients and work loads. Now we need to carve out time to create lucrative items. If you are solo, then that can definitely be difficult.

People don’t know the difference between marketing and PR. So they jump on the coat tails of marketers without assuming that they need to expand their knowledge to grow their businesses. I don’t know what it is about PR, but it’s like no one really knows what we do unless they are PR pros themselves. Then let me tell you, we build awareness, represent our clients, and help grow brands. We do so much more, but that’s just an easy way to put it.

Entrepreneurs often don’t think they need PR. They believe it is just budget they either can’t afford or don’t need. If you plan on doing your own PR, and many creatives can and do, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a pro first. Figure out how we work, and then see how you can adapt our ways to benefit your business. However, entrepreneurs often don’t see the point in spending the time to do so.

I think it’s important to support of what’s left in the DIY PR world. There isn’t much to begin with, but PR is not going away anytime soon. Communication makes the world go round, and you will regret ever thinking otherwise.