When You Get Your Best Work Done In the Evening

I worked a 9 to 5 for years and was always exhausted. I figured it was how I would always feel. I mean, I loved my job, I just hated getting up early to get ready and sit on the subway try trying not to fall asleep on someone’s shoulder. And then I had to trek back to Brooklyn, completely forgetting to feed myself, and going to sleep so I could repeat everything.

I knew nothing about working remotely when I started doing it. I moved 3 hours away from New York City, where my job was. I had a great relationship with my boss, so she agreed to let me work from home every other day as long as I came into the office 2 or 3 times a week. I worked from home out of necessity, not because I knew it could be a lifestyle. But once I realized I didn’t want to go back into the office, I decided to carve out a working lifestyle for myself.

The workforce today is WAY more receptive to remote employees, or even partial remote employees. Though there are still many ways the remote force can grow, I think it’s on a great path.

It is difficult working for your self. You have to be a self-starter, and responsible. You also have to be okay with balancing different jobs and getting your work done on your own without someone looking over your shoulder, or constantly checking up on you. There have been plenty of times where I have gotten too comfortable and wasn’t doing what I should have been, but you live and you learn.

One thing that I’ve gotten used to is sleeping in every day, and staying up all night. This is just how my body works. I am not a morning person, nor have I ever been. Even as a kid I was impossible to wake up. My mother had to dress me as I was half asleep, still curled up in bed. Thanks mom! No matter how much or how little sleep I get, waking in the AM is not an option. I am cranky, and sick to my stomach for the rest of the day.

You can go ahead and label me as lazy, fine. I actually am lazy, but that has nothing to do with my inner clock. I may wake up at 12pm, but I get all of my work done on time, and I produce my best work between 7pm and 10pm. I’ve stayed up until 1am with a writing deadline, and I was happy to do so. I would rather work at 1am that wake up at 7am.

Is anyone else on my level? I’m a night owl, I can’t help it. This is just me. I’m grateful that my boyfriend understands my needs as well. He hates that I get up late in the afternoon, but he lets me be because he knows how I work. Even if I go to sleep at 10pm, and wake up totally fine at 8am, I can’t think. My brain is totally fried. I start to feel creative around 1pm.

I create a routine for myself to follow, and for others to follow. I let people know my ‘work’ times, and don’t let them distract me. I always take a break to make dinner, and then I hop right back into the last leg of my work.

My tasks are always in front of me. I need a physical evidence, so I have a notebook next to my Macbook and scribble my to-do list down in the order that tasks need to be done.

I schedule all of my calls for the afternoon. I get up, check my emails, and then hop on a couple of calls with clients. I usually schedule them one after the other so that I can tackle them right away. If I wrap up a clal early, I always try and see if I can take the next call earlier.

My writing is done in the evening. I work in PR and content, so PR is something I get done as early as I can. I’m emailing back and forth, and sending out client pitches. That’s not something that can be done in the evening unless you are pitching to an AM time zone. I reserve my nights for getting all of my content done. That’s also when I’m most response to my emails as well.