What to Pitch Now: November 2017

It’s November! This year has officially passed by super fast. I feel like the older I get, the shorter time feels. It just flies by…I’ve said this before as well, haven’t I? Anyway, happy November! Have you been pitching holidays like crazy? Well, that;s almost over. Most publications, print and digital, are done with holiday gift guides…but I’m quite optimistic. I’d like to think it’s never really too late. Digital pubs are working on November and December content, and print has moved on to February/March. What should you be pitching them? Here are some ideas. Topics to keep in mind:

  • Thanksgiving–last minute gifts for hosts

  • Gratitude

  • Cold weather fashion and beauty

  • Valentine’s Day gift ideas

  • Anything red or pink

  • Spring fashion

  • 2017 wrap-up

  • Holiday outfits

  • Working woman making me time

  • Romance

  • Winter workouts

  • How to be a healthy you for the new year