What to Pitch Now: March 2018

A little late in the game right now, but I am traveling guys! So I’m a bit all over the place while trying to balance the blog, and everyday work. Oh, and trying to enjoy my travels of course. I am writing this on my way to Phoenix, AZ. I’m hoping to see the Grand Canyon while I’m here.

Any other thoughts and where I should be going and what I should do? I also believe we’re heading to Portland after. Anyway, have you guys been thinking of what to pitch this month?

Digital is focusing on April and later, and print is focusing on June and later. Spring and Summer themes should be at the top of your pitch list!

Other ideas:

  • Spring showers and rainy day themes

  • New spring trends and finds

  • Cool summer finds

  • Garden parties and spring/summer entertaining

  • Vacation and staycation ideas and products

  • Easter holiday

  • April Fools

  • Daylight Saving Time ends

  • Father’s Day gift ideas (June)