What To Pitch Now: February 2018


I skipped last month, whoops. But in my defense, posting consistently has been hard for me the last couple of months. And you’ve noticed. I’m so sorry! Work definitely got in my way, but it’s a new year and I have set up a different amount of priorities. It will be February in a couple of days, do you know what you need to be pitching to the media. Chances are, it’s too late for anything Valentine’s Day related, but I suppose you can still give it a shot. Short lead media is looking at March and April, and Print it looking at June and July issues, which are usually published together.

Here are some ideas that may fit your products:

  • New spring trends

  • Spring break related ideas

  • Decluttering your home

  • Anything GREEN

  • Spring shower clothing

  • Mother’s Day

  • St. Patrick’s Day

  • Graduation gift guides

  • Garden parties

  • Father’s Day

  • Summer beauty items

  • Cool beachwear and fun designs

  • Fourth of July

  • American made items