What I Learned After a Year In Business

Okay, so the lines are blurry as to when I actually began my business. I guess you can say it’s been about two years unofficially, and one officially. Last year I had been toying so much with freelancing, and it was so hard to remain focused on one project at a time. 

So this was the year I decided to change that and put all of the major focus on my business, Virgo PR, and stop working on things that didn’t make me happy, or provide me with enough money to feed myself. Duh, it was really hard. But it was worth it in the end, and this year really did feel like the start of my own business rather than having a crazy freelance lifestyle. Being in business for a year doesn’t sound like long at all because it isn’t. 

I still feel like I just started, and I’m still working on getting a few things started. There is still a learning curve, but so far I’ve learned so much from just a year. There are so many things to consider, but I would much rather be a business owner rather than a simple employee. That life never really suited me. I love being able to work wherever and whenever I want. I would rather take on all of this responsibility again to work for myself than to work for anyone else. Here are some final thoughts that I am leaving with after being in a business for a year.

  • Creating a list of your accomplishments rather than pending and unfinished goals is so much more motivating

  • It’s okay to keep changing your goals to meet new standards and realities.

  • Write down EVERYTHING!

  • Clear out your wardrobe and makeup every season. I hate wasting time to rummage through all of my crap to just find something.

  • Make sure your home office set up is put together to your liking. If you actually want to sit down at your beautiful desk to get things done, then there goes half of the headache. No one wants to sit down in a cluttered mess.

  • Write expenses and income down as they come. I keep a Google Sheet with all of this information so I can quarterly file everything and have every single dollar accounted for in one place. Doing this weekly or monthly can just be too much even if you only have one source of income.

  • It’s always okay to say ‘no’ to things! In fact, it’s essential in business.

  • Automation is the key to getting more done.

  • You will never stop learning so sign up for what courses, and read as many books as you can on business. There’s always something new to learn.

  • Investing in yourself is not a waste of money, EVER.

  • Use all of the free tools you can, and learn what your business needs to invest in before throwing down your credit card.

  • Tackling debt is hard, but it’s imperative when you are looking to start a business.

  • Budgeting is for everyone!

How many years have you been in business? Anything you’d care to share from your journey?

Wendy Vazquez