Tools to Know: HARO (It's Free and You Need It!)

Oh my gosh, not another must-have tool. I get it. The last thing you need to add to your plate is yet another app, or tool to handle day to day. But I promise you, if you are looking to extend your pitching and make your placements initiatives easy, you will thank me for introducing you to HARO. What the hell is HARO? It stands for, Help A Reporter Out. After a title like that, what do you think the use of HARO is? Journalists–top tier and medium tier–use HARO to seek interviews and products and are ready to be pitched to. HARO will send you an email of leads three times a day: morning, afternoon, and night. Oh, and it’s FREE! The leads land in your inbox and it’s up to you and scroll through to find ONLY relevant press leads. These journalists are looking to fill their stories and pages with people like you. Why wouldn’t you use this tool? You’re crazy if you don’t. As a PR pro, even I still use HARO to scout for possible placements for my clients.

Free PR

Yes, that’s right. Why would you skimp on free PR opportunities? All you have to do is scan your daily emails, which you already do. Why not add another one to the bunch? There are various opportunity categories from business and sports to lifestyle and travel.

Time is Not On Your Side

Many HARO opportunities have a strict timeline. If you don’t make the time to answer queries then you can easily miss your chance at gaining a placement. Do not save your HARO emails, it’s not worth it. Go for the best leads if you don’t have time to answer a ton of queries.

Monitor Your Leads

Many times, the query will go unanswered. But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t make the cut. Be sure to follow the publication and writer to see if you were able to be placed. You can easily set up Google alerts for your brand–and you SHOULD! This way you can find who’s talking about you and your brand. Image via SEER Active.