It’s Time to Pitch Gift Guides!

Yes, it’s only June, but this is the exact time that you need to be thinking about gift guides, especially if you want to place your products in national print magazines. They work at least 3 months ahead, so right now they’re working on Fall issues.

That means you should be prepping your materials to be ready for winter coverage and gift guides. The real pitching should start in August. But you need to start building your lists, and ensuring your products are gift guide ready.

Now is the time when editors and writers begin trying out new products for their gift guides. They’re receiving samples, and you want to be sure to get in there early before they’ve made up their minds.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been hundreds of editorial moves, and people moving onto to bigger roles and other publications. I’ve worked to track them and stay up to date with my own 2018 gift guide list.

Before you even think of pitching, use my list to get to know who you should be keeping an eye on. Follow their Instagram and Twitter feeds to stay up to date on what’s going on in their personal and professional lives. 

Thinking of buying your own leads, this can cost a fortune to be honest. And you never know how up to date some of these larger services can be. My list is currently on sale for just $125.

I have both national and regional leads, from bloggers to magazines. Use this as your master list, and keep track of who you’re pitching.