The Key to a Great Monday is Prepping Sunday!

Photo by yoppy

Yes, that’s right. My secret to a productive Monday is just that simple. Sunday Funday is cool and all, but it’s not really my thing. My Sundays are for catching up on TV, and looking at the future…aka just a day in advance really.

Think about what is so bad about Mondays. If you don’t love your job, then there’s your real problem. But if you find yourself bombarded from linger emails that came in Friday after 5pm, or you left some stuff up in the air for the next week, then your problem is quite easy to solve.

Did you know that getting paid for doing something you like can you feel less creative? After a whole week of getting paid for what you like, you can definitely feel drained. So, it’s no wonder Fridays are practically useless to us. Sure you get some stuff done, but not as much as you would earlier in the week.

Monday is your refresh.

Who wants to start a Monday flustered? Do yourself a favor and begin your prep work on Sunday. Even jotting down a to do list the night before can really change your morning for the better.