The Importance of Mastheads

Do you remember about 5 years ago, in the age of the iPad, Kindle and Nook, when we were all so sure that print magazine would be dead by this point? I have to say, I’m so happy this didn’t happen! Sure, magazine sales still aren’t what they used to be, but that’s only because we aren’t just getting all of our information from print anymore. Now we’re getting our daily doses of glamour from our phone apps, digital magazines, online versions, favorite websites, and so on. However, despite all these changes, the masthead has remained a go-to for the who’s who of publishing. The masthead provides you with the bones of your favorite glossies. You can see current editors, writers and contributors–and some also show their staff directory for digital versions. You just signed a new client with a gorgeous handbag line…now what? It’s time to pitch! Flip to the masthead and figure out who the associate accessories editor is. Read some of their latest work to be sure the brand and the editor align…and reach out! happy pitching sig

Image via {this is glamorous}