The Biggest PR Mistake That You Could Be Making

There are a slew of things that brand can do marketing and PR wise to make things happen. What are your goals? Do you want to gain more brand awareness?  Do you want a strong social following? Maybe it’s as simple as just wanting to gain more income from your business.

But what are you doing to achieve this? Are you constantly switching out PR campaigns and initiatives because they don’t seem to be working? Well, I have news for you. If you’re not giving your initiatives a chance to grow and perhaps even succeed, then you are sabotaging yourself! If you’re not also planning ahead, then again, you are sabotaging yourself!

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The truth is, PR takes time. So many times, clients have failed on their task of the job, which is to be patient. They want their results NOW. They want to see sales sky rocket, and palcements flood in. But guess what?  These thinks take time. I can’t force an editor to post a story that isn’t ready.

As a client, it is your job to be patient, and know that your results take time. You can’t jump from one campaign to another and expect results to flood in because of one miracle initiative. PR doesn’t work that way…but if it did, how nice would that be?!

We can still dream.