Suno Creates a Vintage Vibe for their New Resort 2017 Lookbook

Luxury woman’s sustainable lifestyle brand Suno take their love of Kenyan Kangas to whole new level by warping their vivid appeal into an almost time warped masterpiece. There’s nothing like Suno’s love of interpreting global modernism. The label has garnered love and appreciation from fellow fashion houses such as the GAP, Donna Karan Collection, and Generra because of their attention-getting line. Modern pattern works mingle with classic silhouettes to build the perfect resort collection for the women you enjoys luxury travel. Full skirts and wide leg pants solemnly swear to remind you of a simpler time within the last century. Just when you think a necktie is just vintage enough for the history books, the dress falls off the shoulders perfectly, seamlessly displaying one of the most worn trends this year. Suno’s focus on remaining globally appreciated is exactly the collection exuded for the resort 2017 collection. Check out the evolution from their last collection to this one.

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