Starting Off Strong In the AM!

Who else is totally anti-mornings?! I’ve never been an AM person. It’s a struggle for me to wake up at anytime whether it’s 8am or 11am. Since I work from home I have the freedom to get shit done at 10pm if I really want to. But I find I work best when I’m up by 9:30am. I take my time stretching, inhaling my coffee and rummaging through my 10 different inboxes. How do you guys get through your AM routine?
  • Eat the frog! AKA, get the tough stuff out of the way first. I like to tackle them with a fresh mind. It helps me somehow work faster without sacrificing quality
  • Prep the day before. I set up my to-do list the night before and add some post-its here and there on my desk for any quick reminders I need.
  • Fulfill your cranky needs. I need coffee or I kill someone. That’s it! So I know as long as I have a cup of jo I’m good. What do you need? Maybe it’s a 15 minute meditation session or a hardy breakfast.
  • Forget the ‘habits’ of them best. Habits to not equal success. Working out in the AM isn’t for everyone and neither is getting the bad stuff done at 5am everyday. Do what makes you feel good and what you know will get you through the morning and afternoon.

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