So You Have a Business Idea...Now What

So you just came up with this awesome business idea…now what? Well, that last thing you should do is let it go. Unless, of course, it’s a junky idea. But usually, it’s not. You come up with a cool, great idea…and then you’re lost. What do you do next?

Write It Down

I’ve slept on so many good ideas and totally lost them. Now, the first thing I do when something comes to mind is write it down, take a picture of what inspired me, or jot it down in my notes app. This is important so that you can hold on to the idea.


Think of your idea as a project goal…so much goes into that one idea, right? It’s not just simply a task. Brainstorm and think of the steps that you need to take to implement this new business idea.


You’ve got your roadmap to your goal. Now, it’s time to follow it. Put a timeline on the steps that it will take to accomplish your new business idea. Of course, this timeline will always shift, but the important thing is that it’s out there. You’ve put it in your calendar, or written it in your planner.

Do It

Now it’s time to make your dreams come true! Start on your path to actualizing this idea. Make it into a reality.