Rialto Jean Project Paints A Laidback Picture For Fall 2016 In Newest Lookbook

Painted denim to fill your heart’s desire anyone? Here’s a denim you never knew you needed before the rise of Rialto Jean Project. More than just jeans, the label’s lookbook also features a range of denim jackets, florally cut-offs, rugged sweats, and even a detailed faux fur collar. For those daring to take a ‘just painted the house’ shot at fashion, Rialto Jean Project has some lean, oversized bomber jackets with the signature paint splatter effect. It’s definitely a versatile piece for the closet. There’s something whimsical and clearly carefree about Rialto Jean Project that makes you feel inspired enough to truly style yourself around a piece. It should also be noted that proceeds from each pair of Rialto Jean Project denim benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and New York Presbyterian Child Life Services. Another denim company worth taking a look at is Nudie Jeans.

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