PR Sound Off: Do you still cold call?

Okay, so when I was interning at a PR firm one of the first tasks they had me perform was cold calling. I’m not sure what kept me from hyper ventilating and having a panic attack in the corner of the room, but I did it. And it was pretty empowering afterward knowing I could pick up a phone and attempt to talk to a stranger.

None of that was sarcastic. As a totally shy, introvert any kind of human contacts is stressful to me. Since I freelance, I’ve been able to secure placements in so many ways…and I have to admit that cold calling is not one of them.

The way I see it, editors are busy. They don’t want to listen to my blubbery pitch and stammering. And they definitely don’t have time to figure out why I left them a voicemail. I can see this working when you’re editor is perhaps a good friend, or you’ve worked together a lot.

However, when building new relationships, it just seems too much. What do you guys think? Are you still cold calling?

Photo by FootMassagez

Wendy Vazquez