PR Girls Do It Better: Restaurants

Let’s kick off the new series, “PR Girls Do It Better”, with an ode to our foodie PR girls out there. Let’s face it, PR girls are full blooded multitaskers set out to get shit done. We know our way around a lot of things that many people don’t. Having a friend in PR is a perk in itself.

  •  Knowing the chef, owner, manager, etc.—it’s our job to know anyone and everyone. There’s a good chance we know just the right person to get the perfect table at the chicest new place in town.
  • Attending the opening night of the latest ‘it’ eatery—new food trucks, baking trends, you name it. It’s our job to stay up to date on EVERYTHING happening around us. When your favorite place moves or shuts down, we got your back.
  • Who’s going out of business, or who is just starting up—like above, we know business news gossip. What A-list celeb just invested in an H2O bar? We know what’s going on at all times.
  • Where the good parties are—chances are, we know exactly where the events are, and how to get in. Knowing someone who knows someone is a skill that we’re quite proud of. It also helps that our emails are constantly flooded with exclusive invites.

Image via Tumblr