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I absolutely love planners. I switch them as often as my underwear. I think they’re fun, and frankly, I’m the kind of person that needs to write everything down on paper AND keep a to do list on my Mac’s stickies app. A planner is how I keep my shit together on a daily basis, and that’s for work and my personal life. There are thousands of different planners out there on the market. You could literally pick up a blank sketchbook or regular notebook and jot down whatever you want and refer to that as your planner. Essentially the only difference in a great planner and standard planner is whatever you make of it. It’s a simple place where you gather your daily thoughts. I use my planner for client notes, special dates, to do lists, etc. Pretty standard things. But it’s my place where I try and keep my shit together. It works for the most part as my to do list. I write down every little thing that I need to do work wise from who to email, to appointments, and general tasks. These planners are some of my favorite, and yes I’ve used them all. My favorites thus far are from May Designs and Kikki K. I use May Designs folio to keep multiple notebooks togther so I have my lists, notes, and ideas all in one place. I do the same with my Kikki K planner, but of course it’s in a cute leather binder rather than a folio. I have different sections like my calendar, to do lists, and notes. I like having one place for multiple sectiosn to jot down my scattered mind.

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