Need PR Help for Your Brand? I'm Open for Business!

It’s December, and you’re probably going over your upcoming business goals for 2017. PR and marketing are essential for growth and awareness, but I totally understand limiting budgets–especially for start ups. I use the Daily Deskside to give you a dose of beauty, fashion, and of course some DIY PR tips along the way.

However, we only have 24 hours in a day, and solopreneurs may not have the kind of time that needs to be dedicated to their PR and marketing needs. That’s where I come in! Maybe you don’t need a total PR overhaul that you’d get from a large corporate PR agency.

I offer à la carte PR services for you and your brand! There’s no need to worry about big agency retainers to pay off every month. Let’s discuss your brand’s needs and come up with a plan to really grow your business this upcoming year!