Making It In PR As An Introvert


…yes, it’s possible!

For years I told my self that no matter what I did in the fashion industry, it would never, EVER be PR. Since birth I’ve been downright quiet, and in my own little world. I preferred reading on my own over playing with other kids.

Of course I didn’t know I had social anxiety then, but that’s a whole different story. I’ve never been out going, and I’ve lived my fair life as a wall flower. But eventually, all that changed. Even if you’re shy or an introvert like me, PR is much more than socializing and networking.

  • Writing is a must! Whether you’re sending emails or crafting a press release, 80% of my job involve writing. You spend a lot of time at your desk, so get your word skill together.
  • Pitching is how you get your client placed. Most of it is done via email, however cold calling and media calling is also common. People are scared to pick up the phone, but knowing your client, and your pitch will help you nail it every time.
  • Social media can be a part of your job. Maybe you work best behind a computer screen. Some clients need help managing their social media accounts, and this can definitely be a great way to Excel for your Twitter lovers.
  • Working with other is what PR is all about. Find an extroverted co-worker or work friend and try to emulate them. I’ve definitely learned confidence and communication skills from my boss. She’s always outgoing and talkative.

Image via Tumblr