In the Land of Winter Coats

Work that Winter Coat!
It’s time to catapult that winter jacket into the main attraction. No matter how many beautiful layers you bundle into this winter season, it’s rare for anyone to really see any of it under that big coat. What’s the point of dressing up, anyway? I think it’s normal to invest in an extravagant winter coat. This isn’t just for fashion’s sake, either. You have to run about with your jacket on all day and, especially, on those cold nights. It’s not enough to just rely on a good sweater. Coats are essential in unpredictable seasonal weather. So, splurge away! Buy a coat that is warm and fun for you to wear. I think when going for an out-there shape, sticking to a simple color can help balance your look as  you style around it. However, kooky colors can work too if the shape is more subtle, but really, it’s a personal preference in the end! Go with what speaks to you! Think of your coat and shoes as the outfit’s focus. Throughout the day, running from Point A to Point B, that’s really all we see of each other during the colder months. What message do you want to send? Here is some fun advice on how to make your winter coat the stylish center of your outfit.
source: Chicwish
A warm wool coat with a simple shape calls for a funky and dressy collar. The light trim against a dark background is trendy and fun.  
source: Modandethico
Make rainy days your friend. No need to lose an outfit to the cold, wet weather. A transparent PVC jacket leaves nothing to the imagination!    
source: Etsy
A ladylike shape means never giving up your femininity—even under a warm, chunky coat. An asymmetrical, full skirt is perfect for holiday parties.  
source: Oasap

Capes are forever ultra-chic, cozy and stylish. Step your glam-game up with a coat like this.

source: Reiss

Playing with texture is a great way to give off an elegant look. A textured, pink coat is timeless and always welcome. The color is pretty and subtle without ever being overpowering.

This is an original piece specifically created for Bulace Magazine.

Photo by Idhren