How To Have Your Own Spa Day Without the Price Tag

Who wouldn’t love the gift of being waited on hand and foot for a few hours? Let’s face the music though, maybe a spa day isn’t exactly the highest on the totem pole of things to spend our money on. But who says you can’t relax on a budget? download
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Clean Up and Prep I don’t know about you, but I can’t do a single thing without having some kind of clean slate in front of me. I can’t even prepare a messy meal without making sure the kitchen is clean first. I think this really gives you a fresh mindset. Think about what you need to relax. Maybe a bubble bath and a face mask will do the trick. Or perhaps you need a more in depth strategy to a spa day like a full-on pedicure and detailed pore cleansing. Whatever it may be that you need, gather it and set yourself up to make sure that you don’t have a stressful realization that you missed something.   Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.04.06 PM
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You Should Really Detox No, I’m not talking about juice cleansing—unless you want that to be a part of your stress-free spa day. A digital detox, even if only for a few hours, it is essential to the experience to make sure no calls or work emails interrupt this precious moment. Turn your phone off, or leave it on the other side of the your apartment where you can’t hear it buzz. Make sure even your tablet notifications are silenced. You really don’t want this time to be interrupted. It’s for you and your inner zen!   sub-buzz-7662-1480960859-11
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Snack on Feel Good Foods When you’ve got a relaxing bath balm awaiting you, or a face covered in a yogurt mask it’s hard to think you can keep up this good vibe with a plate of cheesy nachos tempting you. Give your body a break by stocking up on refreshing snacks and fruits. Tuck away the bag of potato chips for later while you gobble on some cucumber slices.   Picture1
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Set the Mood A great reason that we find spas relaxing is because of the ambience they set. Whether it’s about candlelight and scented oils, or the easy listening music that they have on repeat, you need to make a corner of your house into a spa hot spot. I personally always surround myself with various scented candles. They not only inspire creativity but they also are very soothing to me. No need to warn the fire department, just lighting one or two will help unwind you.

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