How To Get Your Hands on Even the 'Hardest to Find' Beauty Items

Where to Get Those ‘Hard to Find’ Beauty Products
I love the feeling of ‘discovering’ the next big thing in the realm of beauty. Does anyone else get excited when they run into a brand new promotional display at the drugstore that you weren’t expecting? Then there’s the occasional inbox stream of brand new launches from your top brands, and then some. Being a beauty lover involves much more devotion than running up a credit line at certain stores. Being on top of the latest and greatest is just as important. Staying up to date on beauty finds and getting in touch with the ‘next best thing’ is undoubtedly easy nowadays. how-to-wear-a-red-statement-lip-landscape-2
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Look to Bloggers and Influencers Following and checking ten plus blogs a day may not be ideal if you have a pretty jam packed schedule as it is. Instead of adding to your to do list, take the stress of staying up to date off of your plate. Sites like Feedly and Bloglovin’ are easy to use, and can even be run on your phone. You choose from an array of current blogs and websites to follow. When their new stories go live your feed is instantly updated. All you have to do is skim through at night or on a quick break and you’ve absorbed the necessary news you want without a fuss. Both services even have trending topics for you to review when you’re done filtering through your interests. 15803607_225042361282705_6467777150668767232_n
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Focus Directly on the Up and Coming Crowd funding is the latest way to push your brand to the top. There’s various cool projects out there—not just in the means of the tech industry. There really is a lot more going on out there. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are just two place to discover new brands and products. You can view what’s popular and new in various categories including fashion and beauty. -2008090-1481146251.600x0c
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Go to the Source These days we practically live on our phone screens. There’s not much that we do sans our phones in our hands. We not only chat with friends but even get news, emails, music and more on our phones. Most of us participate in the Instagram world, but even if you’re not big on posting your own images, you can definitely follow along for the ride. The best way to get the scoop is to use your phone to your advantage. Almost all beauty brands are constantly updating their social media accounts daily. They not only fill their accounts with tutorials and product inclusions, but they also announce new products like this. Wet n Wild is known for debuting sneak peek through their Snapchat account, and Kat von D is quite vocal on her Instagram by involving her followers in behind the scenes exclusives. blog-photography-tips
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Influencers Are Only Growing Bigger Thanks to the incredible growth of social media and the internet, it seems that we have access to practically anything with a few swipes. For a few years now we’ve seen the growth of beauty obsessed Youtubers and Instagram socialites that have transformed their passion of cool products into successful brands. Is it any wonder they’re richer and chicer than ever? These social influencers know they owe their empire to their loyal followings, so they love to share the latest happenings as a reward. Whatever exclusive collaborations or new products in the works means that these influencers have something to say to their followings—and they’re always hinting at new ideas that are in the works.

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