How To Create a Media List

Don’t get flustered or scared. Media lists are not as hard as some people want you to think. However, they do take time.

Media lists are pretty much a go-to list of relevant press, editors, writers, etc. for your brand. It really pays off to have these contacts on-hand and available with a just a few clicks. They are useful for when you’re having an event, launching a new product, and more.

A good media list will have the following categories:
• First name
• Last name
• Outlet
• Contact title
• Media type
• Email
• Phone number
• Notes

Any other categories that you find important just squeeze it in. Your list is built of your media relationships, whether they’re old or new.

How do you find these contacts? Easy! Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn are your best friends for this. If you Google the editor’s full name and their publication, you can usually find an email. Or, try looking up a publication’s email format. Many writers also have their work emails on their social media pages.