High Femininity On The Rise In Fall 2016 For AWAVEAWAKE

AWAVEAWAKE takes a more intimates-inspired approach than we’re used to seeing in fall collections. Designer Jaclyn Hodes shows her background in sculpture and art history with variant ‘free silhouettes‘ forms. She continues to release her ideas through bias cut cotton silk, chiffon, charmeuse in shades of peach, grey, and aquamarine. The slip dress trend has met its match in the design eyes of AWAVEAWAKE where dreamy frocks flow free. An advanced take on vintage lingerie blends with delicate details in the eyes of their customer. There’s nothing simple about the easy-to-wear Fall 2016 collection. The girly-girl can finally get her hands on an adult-appropriate collection. Using plant-based dyes to naturally and effectively give each garment it’s ethical wash of hues, there should be no problem layering the pieces under a denim jacket or over leather leggings.

This is an original piece that I developed for I Love Goldie.