Getting Back To Work After Long Holiday Weekends

Today is the first day back after a four day weekend…and I was overwhelmed with a ton of emails and tasks that came up overnight. I went crazy for about an hour until I remembered a few things that have helped me in similar situations. Did I want to roll back over and go to bed. Heck yeah! But working from home means having to push the hell out of myself. No one else is going to do it!
  • What did you skip out on the week before? I get it, I’m a big procrastinator because I tend to work best under pressure. I’m the girl trying to skip out the door while thinking ‘hey, I’ll do it on Saturday’. Saturday rolls around and I end up getting myself into last minute plans with friends, and I totally space out. Figure out all the things that needed to get done then and set out to do them first thing in the AM.
  • Get up an hour earlier. Yup, I hate mornings, but I know I have to get a head start since I like to take my time in between tasks. It’s definitely hard after getting to bed much later just nights before, but that why it helps to set up a bedtime for yourself and try to follow it no matter what.
  • Make a list and check it twice a la Santa. I make different lists per client/project that I need to work on. Then I start to combine them and go back and forth between projects. Most people would just stick to one client at a time, but I like to mix it up. It’s just a personal preference. Having a visual in front of me helps me keep on track. I love the feeling of checking off a task no matter how small it may be.
  • Check your email periodically. In PR you should be in your email like 24/7. I’m used to responding in minutes. But on days like this, I can’t keep getting distracted by incoming emails. I turn off my notifications, put on some podcasts on a loop and get to work. I’ll only check my emails and respond first thing in the morning, around 1pm, around 3:30pm, and then sign off my email around 5pm one last time so I can get any writing done that night.

Image via Design Sponge