Get Your Freelance Clients to Extend Their Contract

You worked hard to get that contract signed and prove you’re worth handling that project. So now what? It’s time to renew!

  • Consistently follow up and follow through. Updating your clients isn’t enough anymore. Celebrate their small victories with them, and talk to them about their company’s future. You will get a glimpse into their business through their eyes, and believe in their goals.
  • Always follow deadlines, and admit when something will take more time. The all-nighters should be well behind you. If they ask for something to be done by a certain day or a placement to hit at a certain time, you need them to be realistic. They will soon understand that PR is not on their time–or even yours. It depends on writers and editors.
  • Throw them a bone. I’ve written press releases for clients who never paid for one, but desperately need one. They were not only impressed, but grateful that they had something official for their press page.
  • Don’t be afraid to be honest. Being hurtful and being honest are two different. I can’t tell you how many shitty client websites I’ve seen, and how many have thanked me for telling them. You should have reasoning to back up your honesty: if I were a customer I couldn’t trust your page. You need to make your social accounts more relatable and accessible. The quality of your images doesn’t align with he incredible quality of your products.
  • Trust in yourself. Entrepreneurs can smell fear from a mile away, because they’ve been there many times before. Be confident in your knowledge, and your work. Prove your clients need you through your work, and trust me, they will recognize!