How Daily Affirmations Can Change Your Life

The world is a tough place… that, we all know. It’s easy for any of us to get so caught up in all of the bad stuff – our stresses, our personal woes, the relationships we have with others, even worldly matters – that we end up feeling a little weighed down. We don’t always realize that taking in all of that negativity can take away from our mental wellbeing!

That’s why daily affirmations are so great. I’m sure you’ve heard the term before. I’m sure you’ve probably connected “daily affirmations” to an image of a happy-go-lucky, crazy ambitious person set to hit all their goals. “I WILL get that promotion, I WILL get that promotion!”

Don’t get me wrong, goal-oriented affirmations can be extremely useful when it comes to getting things done. But daily affirmations don’t have to stop when you get the promotion – they can be so much more. Daily affirmations have the power to rewire our everyday thinking, and drown out our negative thoughts with positive, motivational ones! Not convinced yet? Here are a few of the many ways that daily affirmations can change the way you live.

They Motivate Us

Examples: I am determined. I work hard. I can. I will.

As I’ve said before, motivations are usually everyone’s go-to affirmations. Nothing wrong with that! But the first thing we want to chant in our bathroom mirror is that we’ll receive something. “I will get hired.” “I will get a good mark on my test.” But …


Wendy Vazquez