How to Create a Media List and Why Your Business Needs One


If you’ve ever thought of working on your own business’s PR then you will definitely need a media list. If you want your business to catch any kind of buzz, you will need to connect with the media in order for them to cover you. Even if you plan on having exclusive relationships with influencers, your media list will house all of their contact details and more.

What is a media list?

A media list is a record of publications and key media people. It has their contact details and is organized information so that you can pitch them stories. The key is to use your list as an organization tool.

If you want to do your own PR, then one list is all you need. However, if you are an aspiring PR and marketing maven, don’t be surprised if you’re using multiple lists for a single client.

Use a Template

Head to Google sheets and create a new media list. You want to ensure that you have columns and categories that fit the criteria you need. Think names, titles, emails, addresses, phone numbers, websites, social media handles, etc.

Do Your Research

Who are you trying to reach? These are the people whose contact info you are trying to collect. Many have their emails in their Twitters. But for others, you can use or Cision, depending on your budget to collect their email and phone numbers.

Keep It Up To Date

Have a notes section so you can add little notes and updates on your contact. You can put essential information in there that will help you know where you last left off with a certain contact/