Blake LDN Just Debuted Their ‘Genoa’ Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

Was anyone else thinking of salami when they saw ‘Genoa’? At least now we know where my mind wanders off to. But Blake LDN’s ‘Genoa’ collection is no joke. The capsule collection of 11 items is feminine and more impressive than the title of the collection leads on.

The Blake LDN pre-fall collection is made up of lightweight, breathable knits, which really makes me envy the regions that can still wear these kinds of garments at the moment without garnering frostbite. You can go for organic cotton to pleated rayon tops like their adorable Naomi Top. There’s also excitement to be had over the return of their best-selling Alice Culottes in a powdery pink hue.

Let’s just say that there isn’t a single piece that I wouldn’t recommend you to wear. In fact, I’m a bit saddened at the fact that there are only 11 pieces for me to drool over.

Check out our coverage of their previous collection. It was just as gorgeous!

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