Prep Yourself to Become a PR Freelancer


So you want to take your PR skills to the next level and make a little extra cash? Or maybe you just want to get on the track to becoming a full-time freelancer. Whatever your reason, you need to know a few key things before becoming a PR freelancer. Your transition to becoming a freelancer will be smoother with these tips.

What’s Your Niche?

What are your best PR skills? Seriously, think about what would make you happy, and what your favorite parts of PR are. Then use these skills to carve out your freelance resume, and display them on your website as well. It can be tempting to take money for one-off PR jobs that you could easily do. And doing this every now and then is fine.

But be sure that whatever it is that you’re doing is what you want to be known for. The PR world is small, and a lot of the times you’ll be getting clients through referrals. Think about this when strategizing your services.

Register Your Business

If you plan on being a freelancer for the long run, this is definitely important. You can easily Google how your state handles freelancing, and apply online as well. Taxes are also a non-negotiable, so figuring out this beforehand will save you so much pain and grief.

Set Up Your Website

The most professional way to get your name out there is to have a website of your own. It’s the best way to get your self out there, and be taken seriously as a freelancer, maybe even eventually an entrepreneur. Plus, building and maintaining your website, plus purchasing a domain is so easy to do now. And affordable!

Stay On Top of Every Assignment

Big or small, you should give every client respect. Be sure you’re sticking to your deadlines, and putting out great work that you’re proud of. Once you complete a project, you can even ask for a recommendation or review, and post it to a section on your website.