Abasi Rosborough Breaks Through With Seraph Collection

Hailing from Nigeria and Scotland, respectively, Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough bring their different design skills together to build a cohesive brand that is Abasi Rosborough. The design duo meshes athletic and military aesthetics in order to deliver their tailored sportswear men’s line seasonally. Plenty of eco-friendly lines fare from the heart of New York City but rarely do you see a versatile men’s leisure line like this. Rarely, if ever, are you visually intrigued with a menswear line. Though their color palettes steer toward a more neutral nad muted bunch, Abasi Rosborough believes in the ‘finer things’ when taking an approach to design elements in their garments. There’s no such thing as ordinary sweatpants for the Abasi Rosborough man, and the Seraph collection is out to prove it. Instead, the brand has designed Arc Ankara Pants with smoothly concealed pockets and a no-fuss hem. They can easily be dressed up or down depending on the guy that wears them. Incidentally, If you enjoyed Abasi Rosborough’s designs you should see what Christopher Ræburn cooks up. He designs to a similar beat but has a flashier take.

This is an original piece that I created for I Love Goldie.