I’m Wendy Vazquez, and I am the communications and marketing expert behind Virgo PR, and a content strategist. I’ve been writing since I was kid, and I’ve always loved being able to develop stories. Specializing in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, I am an exclusive freelancer who provides PR services along with creative content for blogs, brands, and media. From media relations and brand partnerships to developing editorial content and divulging campaign materials, your brand is in good hands. I developed Virgo PR and my blog, the Daily Deskside, in order to teach others how to take control of their careers and brands.

I believe that remote work is the future, and freelancing is a step into that kind of future of employment. I also think location independence is highly possible. The nomad lifestyle is not just trending, but it's here to stay. Why can’t you work while traveling? Technology allows us to work from anywhere in the world. I touch on this in my blogs.

Your brand is an extension of you, and I want to help you realize this. I want to assist you in communicating your business and brand goals, and triumphs into meaningful copy. PR does not have to be scary.

Work with me, and let’s take your brand to the next level!

(Note: I am currently booking copywriting, and PR clients for Winter 2017/2018. Please email me if you are interested with working with me before I get booked up!)


Why You Should Hire Me!

1) Your brand and your business deserves clear, concise copy that speaks to your actual customer.

2) In a world full of side hustles, you should be able to focus on your passions and strengths. Leave the copy to me.

3) According to Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur: bad writing costs businesses billions of dollars every year.


I’m here to support you and your brand whether you’re launching a new product, or just simply updating your website services. It can be hard to find the time and the voice to communicate with your potential clients. I write copy that engages, sings, and sells. Your mission and messaging with my impeccable grammar can make one heck of a successful formula.

Storytelling & Wordsmithing

You have a website or blog. Now what? Every entrepreneur and their brand has a unique story behind them. The wrong copy could attract the wrong client, budget, and projects. Do you really want to go through all of that? Your web copy needs TLC, and I’m here to deliver it.

Content Marketing

Content is key…or king? That’s up to you. A lot of writing goes into businesses from newsletters, email campaigns, social media copy, press kits and more. If writing is just “not your thing”, then it can be incredibly tedious. I’d love to help you take some of the load off of your plate. Let’s find your voice, and create incredible content that leads to sales.

“What is your process?”

Step One This is the scariest part, but I promise things will only go up from here. You feel cornered—I get that. Save yourself time and money, and don’t hold a staring contest with the doomed blinking cursor in front of you. It’s decided…you need a writer. Thankfully, you’ve found me!

Step Two Let’s have a virtual coffee date! We can do this over the phone or Skype. I want to learn about you AND your business. I want to know who you are, what your goals, and how I can help you achieve them.

Step Three After laying out a clear map of your wordy needs, now I get down to business. I develop the copy you want, and perform research on any information I need.

Step Four Sit back with your fuzzy socks and a cup of coffee—I’ve got this.